Hi, I'm Adrien

About me

I'm a French engineer & entrepreneur. Since 8, I'm passionated by Maths and their applications. I love finding elegant solutions for complexe problems using Technology & Science.

I graduated from l'École Centrale de Lille, France (French Engineer School) in 2013 after a specialization in eCommerce and Organisation Management. During my student years, I've been freelancer, helping companies to create their digital branding.

In 2012, during an internship in Singapore, I've tech-founded Villa-Bali.com, an online plateform to rent villas in Bali. I've been CTO at Villa-Finder for 3 years: the parent company we created after having launched new destinations: Phuket & Samui in Thailand and Sri Lanka. I also worked on an image deliver solution: ImagX.

After an internship at 3Suisses in 2013, one of the most important eCommerce in France, I realized how powerful is Data Analysis. I'm now Head of Data Science at Sepahora SEA, #1 APAC beauty retailer, using all my experience in sciences, maths, programming & business to help taking strategic decisions.